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Integrated Building Services
As part of a programme of diversification and development which builds on and extends their long established range of skills William Skinner have entered the renewable energy market with emphasis on the design and installation of solar hot water and climate refuge systems. We have good knowledge of the whole renewable energy market and can advise on other systems such as wind generation of electricity. Quite often a combination of systems is advantageous and we can join forces with other specialists to provide a composite solution.

It is intended to offer this service to the domestic and commercial markets.

Solar Hot Water
With a free source of energy - the sun - and ever spiraling fuel prices, solar heating of water has never made better sense. Energy is collected by solar panels fixed onto the roof (or other convenient location) by heating water. This water then circulates via a closed loop through the system water storage tank, heating the stored water as it does so. Controls ensure that the system operate to peak efficiency and in domestic situations it is generally found that around 50% of hot water requirements are supplied by a suitably designed solar system.

Once installed and set up systems are virtually maintenance free and should operate for 20 years. The cost of a system depends on the size and particular design but for a typical 3 bedroom family home should be between 2500 and 3500. Payback time on the capital outlay will depend on a number of factors the biggest of which is the future increase in carbon fuel prices. Grants are available for approved installations.

In addition it is good to know that installation of such a system will help to reduce global warming.

William Skinner have plumbers trained to install solar systems and are a provisionally accredited installer under the Low Carbon Buildings programme which allows our customers to access Government grants.

Climate Refuges
William Skinner supply a range air-conditioning and heating units for either wall mounting or freestanding. These can incorporate heat pump technology.
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